#PortalPics from the Final Days of 2017

Pendant Sized Flaw CloseUpThough I have remained in Nanaimo over the holidays working, among other things, on The Amber Garden (yes, Book Three is underway), the ARC of Book Two continues its 2017 travels through dimensional portals.

Here, for example, we find The Flaw in the Stone at the headwaters of the Amazon–that’s headwaters not headquarters, of the river not the bookstore! Thank you, Tamy, for this glorious pic from Peru! (I have since been informed that a Rebel Branch stronghold is located within a few miles of this scenic locale.)

Peru with ARC (from Tamy)

Shortly thereafter, two #PortalPics from Jamaica arrived in my inbox thanks to “Reader Rodney”! Jamaica with ARC (from Rod) 2

Jamaica with ARC from Rod 1

Based on both the Peruvian and Jamaican photo evidence, I hypothesize that The Flaw is being drawn toward water. Though this attraction makes sense elementally, caution must prevail. In order to balance the alchemical elements in 2018, I therefore solicit pictures of The Flaw within reasonable proximity of fire. Otherwise, as Sadira well knows, dimensional chaos may ensue. (See Chapter Three of The Flaw for details.)

To compensate until the arrival of 2018 #PortalPics, we will assume that Fen (our latest #DimensionDog) is lounging beside a nearby elemental hot spot.

Fen From Chelsea 2017

Have a Happy New Year, one and all! (“One and all”–get it? If not, read the books!)

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