Welcome Readers, Alchemists, and Potential Initiates!

Last Update: March 2022

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Welcome to News from Council Dimension, a blog focused on The Alchemists’ Council series.

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Click here to learn to pronounce the CHARACTERS’ NAMES.

Click here to learn about the symbolism of the COUNCIL LOGO.

Click here to learn about the significance of conjunction and THE ALCHEMICAL HERMAPHRODITE.

Click here to watch my 2016 VIU Arts & Humanities Colloquium presentation on ALCHEMICAL CONCEPTS USED TO BUILD COUNCIL DIMENSION. (Note: The main presentation begins at approximately 14:00 minutes.)

Click these links to read a few of my favourite blog entries: The Amber GardenFrom Pen to Parchment, and The Bunny Poem and Other Juvenilia.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Readers, Alchemists, and Potential Initiates!

  1. Cynthea,
    I know this was explained in the early chapters but could you please define “Lapidarian” for me again.




    1. Nancy

      “Lapidarian” is the word I use for an object related to (or derived from) the Lapis. For example, “Lapidarian ink” refers to ink that has been produced using dust from the Lapis.

      Within Council dimension, the Lapis is the name I have given to the main source of dimensional power–the source of Quintessence and Elixir, which sustain both Council dimension and give the alchemists eternal life. In “outside world” alchemy, the Lapis would be known as the Philosopher’s Stone.

      Thanks for your question and for engaging with the book!



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