Change Your Story: Alchemical Text as Philosopher’s Stone

Happy New Year!

For my first blog entry of the new year—and for the first time ever on News from Council Dimension—I’ve recorded a video rather than writing a post. In this twenty-minute segment, I introduce the concept of the alchemical text as the philosopher’s stone. Then, via quotations from The Amber Garden (Book Three of The Alchemists’ Council series), I discuss the interrelated concepts of language, narration, and writing or rewriting your story as a means to transform both the dimension(s) and the self. After watching, let me know which blog format you prefer.

If today’s video ignites your desire to learn more about the alchemical concepts I used in The Alchemists’ Council, here’s a link to my 2016 presentation on the topic: “From Academic Article to Fantasy Novel: Medieval Alchemy and The Alchemists’ Council.” (Note: In this 2016 YouTube video, the main presentation begins at the 14-minute point.)

Long live the Alchemical Tree!

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