Holiday Alchemy 2017


Happy Holidays!

If you’ve been reading this blog, you already understand the importance of bees to The Alchemists’ Council. Here are two recent seasonal photos, both of which feature bee embroidery. One is of my favourite holiday ornament; the other features my new footwear, which a friend immediately dubbed “alchemy shoes!”

Bee Shoes

Content Warning

As I posted last month, Advance Reading Copies of The Flaw in the Stone began to circulate during November’s World Fantasy Convention. Along with the bees, December therefore brought with it a few early reviews. My heartfelt gratitude extends not only to Frances (at materfamilias reads) but also to Brenda, Rebecca, and Jason (at Goodreads).

Needless to say, I greatly appreciate each of these reviews, but I’d like to draw attention to one in particular. Last month, Jason Henry contacted me via Goodreads to offer feedback on a review written by someone who hadn’t yet read The Alchemists’ Council (i.e. Book One in the series). He asked whether he could attain an ARC of The Flaw in the Stone (Book Two) in order to review it from the perspective of a reader who had enjoyed the first book. The resulting detailed and thoughtful review contains a passage that I adore — so much so that I plan to frame it for my office wall:

Content Warning 2Yes, readers, Jason’s description is accurate: alchemical baby-making is indeed crucial to the plot of Book Two! As with most alchemical practices of The Alchemists’ Council series, this one is a revision / adaptation of a concept from real-world alchemy: the alchemical homunculus. Alchemists of the outside world may never have succeeded at creating miniature human beings in the laboratory. However, according to The Flaw in the Stone, certain Rebel Branch alchemists have discovered a manuscript containing a potentially world-changing recipe: “Formula for the Conception of the Alchemical Child.”


If you’d like to see what the rebels do with this knowledge, please place your pre-order of Book Two at ECW Press or at your favourite online bookstore. Publication is in March!

Council Cats and Dimension Dogs

December has also brought with it the first #CouncilCats and #DimensionDogs pics of Flaw! Thank you Tamy and Chelsea for these wonderful shots!



Here I must again thank and acknowledge materfamiliasreads, this time for the #DimensionDog featured at the beginning of her review:


If you would like to submit a #CouncilCats or #DimensionDogs pic, please contact me for details.

Happy holidays and happy reading everyone!

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Council Cats Proliferate

Some of you will have noticed the Council Cats Gallery here at “News from Council Dimension”–our growing collection of cats (and the occasional bearded dragon) posing with The Alchemists’ Council in its various stages. A few of you have asked me to explain.

The first iteration of Council Cats came from my editor, Jennifer Hale, who returned to her work table one day after taking a break from my manuscript to discover this scene:

3 Cats 3 Matte Only

According to Jen, these cats–MONTY, ABBY, and PIPPA–do not get along. The manuscript appeared to have alchemically transformed their demeanours (at least for a few hours on this day in December 2014). Thus began the feline connection to the book.

Jen subsequently sent these three shots taken as the manuscript edits continued:

3 Cats 1 Matte

And these three on the day the book itself arrived in April 2016:

3 Cats 2 Matte

Meanwhile, via Twitter, writer Matthew Graybosch contacted me with this shot of his cat VIRGIL cosied up next to an Advance Reading Copy (attained from World Fantasy Con–apparently a favourite of black-hued felines):

Virgil 1 Matte and Shadow

Then, on the day the actual book arrived, Matthew updated with VIRGIL’s reaction (some sort of rebel-influenced howl):

Virgil 2 Matte

This week, as new readers have begun to notice the gallery, I received two more pics to add to the growing collection:

SIMON (from Ontario)Milo 2

And GOOSE (from British Columbia)Goose CC Matte

Fair warning: As GOOSE illustrates here, Simese cats tend to react quite enthusiastically to the Lapidarian honeycomb with which the book is infused. As it turns out, alchemical honey is much stronger than catnip.

If your cat sidles up to the The Alchemists’ Council, Tweet me a photo @cyntheamasson (#CouncilCats). In the meantime, I hope the book itself finds a loving home with both you and your cats.

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