The Amber Garden Book Launch

Hello Fellow Alchemists!

Today I offer you two alchemy-related videos for your viewing pleasure during the new world order.

First, given current self-isolation protocols, I’ve opted to make a short video in lieu of a face-to-face book launch for next week’s official publication of The Amber Garden. If you would like a preview of the book via my reading of two brief passages, click here.

Second, yesterday I uploaded an online lecture (for my Medieval Literature course at Vancouver Island University) on Chaucer’s Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale¬†and alchemy. If you would like to learn more about Chaucer and/or alchemy, grab a copy of The Canterbury Tales and follow along with my students by clicking¬†here.

Third, on a final note, thank you to everyone who read an Advanced Reading Copy of The Amber Garden and posted a review on Goodreads! I am truly grateful for your support.

Long live the Alchemical Tree! Keep well!

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